Industrial Machinery Co.

    We are a family owned  business that prides ourselves on our ability to fix and repair a wide variety of machines both on location and at our shop. Our company C.E.O. has an extensive background in the paint and coatings industry (30+ years). We have a complete fabrication and machine shop on site.We have the ability to fix,repair or fabricate most any part necessary to get your equipment back into operation. Over the years of performing both repair service and preventative maintenance service we have had the opportunity to find the necessary design upgrades needed from the original manufacturer designs. We are proud to say that our history has shown that the "upgrades" have reduced down time therefore increased our customers productivity. As a small business we have also found that by providing our customers a wide variety of options as to the level of repair via cost vs. goal. We have found that we can not only service equipment for the large corporate chains but also provide alternative to the smaller "mom&pop" stores as well.